How Do I Know If I Have an Underground Pipe Leak?

If your water bills have been abnormally high and you’ve noticed water pooling outside, you may have an underground pipe leak. They’re not always easy to find. Unlike indoor water leaks, where water may drip down walls or ceilings or flood your cabinets, underground pipes are harder to access.

If you suspect that you have a leak, it’s important to call for underground pipe repair in Dalton, GA—otherwise, your home and property may suffer unpleasant (and expensive) consequences.

How to find out if your underground pipes are leaking

Here are our best tips to determine whether you have a leak:

  • Check the water meter: First find your water meter. It’s usually buried in a cement box near the street or curb; the main valve and water meter is inside. Next, go inside and shut off every appliance that uses water, faucets and other fixtures. Now go back outside, and check the water meter. If there’s a leak detector, a moving needle will indicate that there’s still water usage happening, even though you’ve turned everything off. If there’s no leak detector, grab a crayon or grease pencil to mark where the needles are pointing. Wait a half an hour. If the needle has moved, you have an underground water leak and need underground pipe repair in Dalton, GA.
  • Look for signs of an outdoor leak: Next look for signs of a leak outside. This could be pooling water, muddy areas or spongy, green grass. You may also notice bulging or cracked pavement or sewage odors. Depending on the pipes that are leaking, this could be a health hazard. Wash your hands thoroughly if you handle any potential sewage.
  • Examine your water bills: Your water bills should give you an indication of whether you’re using more water than normal. If they go up without explanation, it’s likely due to a leak.
  • Check the water pressure: Dwindling water pressure can indicate that there’s a leak somewhere on your property. Typical residential water pressure is between 40 to 50 psi (pounds per square inch). If your faucets are merely dribbling, it could be due to a leak.
  • Rule out an indoor leak: Finally, rule out the possibility of an indoor leak. Inspect each room of your house (including the basement) to look for signs of water damage. This might look like dripping water, water stains on the ceilings or walls, pooled water underneath sinks and other signs of a problem. If you can’t detect an indoor source, that narrows down the problem.

When you call a professional leak detector, they may use nitrogen (an inert gas) to find the leak. They’ll charge your pipes with nitrogen and use special equipment to find the source of the leak. This is accomplished by listening for a hissing noise underground. Once they detect the leak location, they’ll mark it for underground pipe repair in Dalton, GA.

From water mains to sewer lines, Grade-1 Underground can help you fix problems with your underground pipes. Call us today to get started.