Seven Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Water Line

The water line is an important part of any plumbing system. When it breaks down, it’s important to bring in the professionals right away. But for those of you wondering, “When should I repair my water line?” the answer isn’t always obvious.

Let’s take a look at the signs that it’s time for water line repair.

Water pooling outside

A common indication that a water line problem exists is water pooling outside the building. If you’ve noticed unexplained puddles keep popping up or a patch of grass is extra green, chances are you have a water main line issue. There could be a leak that you’re not aware of.

Pipe cracks

If you spot water leaking out of a pipe as it passes through your plumbing system, then you’ll know that you need it fixed. The same goes for noticing a leak that’s damaging a wall or the ceiling. Pipes that are more than a couple of decades old may need to be replaced. Don’t ignore signs that the plumbing is breaking down—call in the experts before it’s too late.


A main symptom of a water line problem is that clogs keep popping up. If you find yourself using your plunger frequently, this could be a sign of something bigger than a single blockage. In cases where clogs keep popping up seemingly for no reason, you’ll need a professional to analyze exactly where the root of the problem lies.

Discolored water

Everyone expects to see clear water flowing out of a sink or shower. When that water turns another color like yellow or brown, no one wants to touch it. This could be a sign that there’s an issue with the local water supply. Another possibility, however, is that the pipes are beginning to rust and corrode on the inside. If the water color doesn’t clear up quickly, talk to the experts about repair and replacement.

Skyrocketing utility bills

Are your energy bills increasing seemingly without cause? This could be due to a problem with the water main. Even a small leak that you can’t spot could result in spiraling utility costs.

Water pressure

Poor water pressure could be an indication of trouble with the local water supply; it could also be due to the water main line malfunctioning. For buildings with older pipes, it might be time for replacement to deliver the water pressure necessary.

Taps and fixtures making noise

Water should flow through the pipes silently. If the toilet is gurgling when you’re running a sink or if there’s banging coming from the pipes when you run the water, these are signs that a problem is brewing.

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