7 Purposes of Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties

Retaining walls are commonly used on both residential and commercial properties. Not only are they an attractive landscaping feature, but they’re great for protecting the landscape and maintaining your property’s structural integrity.

Does your commercial property need a retaining wall? Here are seven ways a retaining wall could benefit your land:

  • Create flat ground: As a general rule, flat ground is more useful than hills and slopes. When you need to build on a hilly property, excavation and retaining walls can make it possible. Retaining walls provide support and structure so that you can make the most of the newly-flattened area.
  • Make the most of your hills and slopes: Terracing (i.e., a series of flat steps cut into hills or mountains) has been used in the agricultural industry for millennia. It can also provide benefits for commercial properties. Adding a series of retaining walls prevents erosion, makes the land easier to maintain and can provide pedestrian access on slopes.
  • Hold back water: Seawalls are another type of retaining wall. Your property might be far away from the ocean, but retaining walls can help protect your property from overflowing rivers and lakes. Typically, seawalls are used to prevent erosion, keep shorelines from shifting, create docks and more.
  • Make the site handicap accessible: People with disabilities need to be able to access your property. Retaining walls can turn steep hills into gentle slopes that are suitable for mobility devices. Make sure that your contractors are familiar with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) regulations and can ensure that your property is in compliance.
  • Cut down on maintenance needs: Site maintenance is difficult when you’re on a hilly property. Adding retaining walls and terracing makes it much easier to plant trees, cut grass and keep up with general maintenance.
  • Improve drainage: When it rains, it pours—and when your commercial property includes hills, that can create drainage problems. Retaining walls make it easier to divert water appropriately so you don’t suffer floods or leaks. It also cuts down on the amount of standing water on your property, which means you’re less likely to attract insects and other critters.
  • Boost property aesthetics: Last but not least, retaining walls can add to your property’s aesthetic value. On top of the practical advantages, they can make your commercial property stand out. Whether you choose a terraced hillside or a few well-chosen retaining walls as part of the landscaping, your land will look more beautiful than ever.

Is it time to add retaining walls to your commercial properties? If you’re interested in finding out more about how retaining walls can benefit your land—and how we suggest utilizing them—talk to the staff at Grade-1 Underground today. Whatever your goals for your retaining walls and landscaping, we can make them a reality.

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