Emergency Pipe Repair: When To Call a Professional

When do I need emergency pipe repair? Several instances may prompt you to call a professional immediately. Sometimes, minor things happen that you can wait for. This guide will help you learn the differences and understand when it is important to contact a professional right away and when you can wait.

Burst Pipe When to Call a Professional for Emergency Repairs

If you are wondering when to call a professional emergency pipe repair specialist, keep reading.

Immense Plumbing Leaks

Winter time is typically the time of the year when pipes freeze and burst. If one of your main water supply pipes bursts, freezes, or collapses, it could be due to a massive leak. The only way to stop water from leaking is by shutting off the supply valve for the water. But, once this gets turned off, so does the rest of the water in your home. This obviously warrants an emergency. Contact a professional immediately if you are dealing with extreme pipe leaks in your home.

Water That Surges Out of Drains

If you have a burst pipe and wondering when to call a professional, here is what you should pay attention to.

If you notice water surging from your toilets and drains, it is time to call an emergency repair service. Anytime you deal with backups in your toilets and drains, it is considered an emergency. That is because wastewater and sewage are all considered to be biohazard materials, which means fungi, bacteria, and other parasites can result in diseases and infections of your lungs, intestines, and skin. Additionally, gas is emitted from sewage which, if inhaled, can make you sick. It can also cause irritation to your nose, eyes, and even lungs. If a backup has occurred, you should not go near that area.

Do You Have Slow Leaks?

If you are dealing with slow leaks on your faucets, this is not considered a true emergency and could wait. Mainly, leaky faucets are caused by improperly working valve gaskets and seals. If you are only dealing with a leak that drips, maybe a few drips each minute, you will need to call in a professional, but not right away. For now, you can just shut off your valve under the sink.

Don’t make this a habit since this can put additional stress on the valve. Eventually, you will need to call in a plumbing professional.