5 Key Facts About Retaining Ponds

Meta description: Retention ponds are good to have and provide you with the use of treated excess water. Read more to find out about retaining ponds.

Retaining ponds have many benefits, and they help reduce water wastage and improve efficiency. Having one installed can be a cost-effective solution for your water requirements and provide a beautiful aesthetic to your property. Grade-1 underground installs retaining ponds.

Benefits of Retaining Ponds

When it comes to the benefits of these water-saving elements, there are plenty. Some of the perks of considering retaining pond installation include but are not limited to the following:

  • You can use the retaining pond installed for fishing and other recreation.
  • It makes a wonderful natural-looking destination.
  • It allows a sanctuary for birds and other animals
  • It can reuse the water retained if the build is properly done.
  • Retaining pond installation can also effectively control the quality of water.
  • The pond can clean water without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • It can increase the value of your property.

5 Important Facts About Retaining Ponds

1. More retaining ponds installed connected to each other works better than a single installation

They often say “two heads are better than one.” This is true for a retaining pond as well. Having more than one retaining pond installed will provide more efficiency with stormwater purification and, of course, retention too. More wet ponds installed also allow for more storage of water retained.

2. The entire pond is not filled to the brim with water

Only around 50 to 75% for the retaining pond stores water. The rest of the retaining pool remains shallow towards the banks to avoid accidental drowning.  

3. Runoff prevision

Retaining pond installation includes a process that allows the pond to run down excess water during heavy rains.

4. Natural filtration system

Before water enters the pond, the plants at the edge work like a makeshift filtration system, ensuring cleaner water enters the retention pool.

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5. It is manmade

Did you know that retention ponds are all manmade and thus artificial? However, their purpose is to prevent overflowing water after heavy rains and provide peace of mind with efficiency.

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