3 Ways Retaining Walls Help Protect Your Property

Landscaping has many potential elements that all add up to a more appealing and useful outdoor space. The many potential retaining wall benefits include protecting pool decks and patios, keeping the landscape intact, and increasing your privacy. The following are three of the most commonly cited reasons for installing retaining walls.

Make Your Outdoor Areas More Functional

Retaining walls help to sculpt your landscaping and make outdoor areas more functional. What once was a hillside or maybe a rolling lawn can be turned into a purpose-built space that supports outdoor activities.

You might want to install a patio, a pool deck, or possibly a tennis court. A retaining wall can shape the land how you need it so that you can get the most use out of your property.

Prevent Flooding and Erosion

Retaining walls help to stop hillsides and loose soil from eroding due to rain and moving water that might accompany rainstorms. Wet soil becomes loose and could turn into mud that kills your lawn and makes some outdoor spaces downright dangerous.

A retaining wall can hold together the landscape and stop localized flooding and erosion from damaging your property. The retaining wall defines outdoor spaces and is relatively easy to maintain when compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar wall.

Improve Curb Appeal and Privacy

A retaining wall can be made of a variety of materials and, when done well, looks great. Your home or another property benefits from added curb appeal that can make it easier to sell if you decide to get another one.

A retaining wall can also improve your privacy by sculpting the landscape so that you can be outside without necessarily being seen by your neighbors or passersby. A retaining wall gives you a more usable outdoor space that can provide shade and general protection against the elements, as well as prying eyes.  

Is a Retaining Wall Worth It?

A retaining wall is relatively inexpensive compared to the improvement in property value that might enable you to sell it for more money. A retaining wall converts outdoor areas into more appealing and private living spaces that just happen to be located outside.

When you can make the outdoors an integral part of your home life, the home itself becomes more valuable. Installing and maintaining a retaining wall can be surprisingly low, depending on the materials used and the size of the retaining wall.

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