How Serious Is a Cracked Sewer Pipe?

Proper sewage pipes are essential to help move waste away from your home and into the sewer system. It is crucial that the pipes be in great shape to help prevent issues and help ensure your home is safe. So, how serious are cracked sewer pipes? Keep reading to find out more.

What Happens if a Sewer Pipe Breaks?

Sewer pipes are designed to take waste away from your home or business and then move that waste to the municipal sewer supply. These lines then move the waste and the water out and to the treatment plant so that the water can be cleaned and reintroduced to the water supply.

When a sewer pipe busts, a few things can happen. First, the wastewater that is being transported by that pipe is going to leach into the surrounding ground. It can cause pooling, it can cause erosion, and it can cause contamination in that particular area. Depending on where the pipe bursts, it can damage the home, yard, and so much more. Another thing that might happen is that this can contribute to a larger sewer bill.

With sewer systems, you are being charged first for the water going into your home, then you are being charged for the water that is coming back out of your home. A burst sewer pipe can really disrupt this.

How Do you Know if Your Sewer Line Is Cracked?

There are a few things you can do to determine if your sewer pipe is burst or damaged. If you notice that there is water pooling around your home, water pooling in your yard, or your sewer bill is messed up, these are indicators that there might be something wrong.

You might also get a call from the sewer company if they see something strange on their end that might indicate that there is something wrong or something amiss. It is important that if you do notice something wrong, that you have the sewer company come out and do an inspection to see if they can indicate what is going on. They will help come up with a solution that works for you and that works for them as well.

Sewer pipes that are damaged need to be replaced and repaired so that they do not leak and so that sewage does not get into the ground and the land around the pipes. If your sewer pipes are damaged, you will need to get the sewer company to come out and have them repaired quickly.