What Is Excavation In Plumbing?

Plumbing is a huge part of any home or building. Ensuring that your plumbing is in good working order is a must. In some cases, it becomes necessary to excavate or dig up plumbing. When do you need pipe excavation? Here, we help you understand this process.

What Is Pipe Excavation?

Pipe excavation is just what it sounds like; it is digging up pipes that have previously been buried to either work on them, replace them, or even place new lines in some cases. This type of plumbing is not something that all homes or plumbing projects will need. Knowing what might cause the need for an excavation is important.

Pipe excavation can apply to repairs and replacement. If you have buried pipes and you have a leak, you will certainly need excavation. Not all plumbing projects will require excavation, but your plumber can tell you better if it is needed or not.

When Do You Need Pipe Excavation?

The first instance in which you might need pipe excavation is if you are having pipes put in for new construction. If you have a septic tank, or even if the home or building is going to be hooked up to sewer, you do need to have the pipes coming out of the home or other building buried so that they can go out to the road or to your tank.

Another instance in which you may need excavation is if you have pipes that have been previously buried and you need to have them repaired at some point. If you have a water line that comes into the home from the road and you suspect a leak, you may need to have that pipe dug up to see where the leak is and have it repaired.

Pipe excavation is required to replace pipes if they are not large enough, if they are old, or if they are damaged in any way. This will allow your plumber access to underground pipes so that they can determine what the issue is and so that they can then repair it so you can use your plumbing again.

Not all pipe repairs will require that the pipes be dug up. Some repairs can be done within the home. Ensure that you are making repairs as they are needed to be certain your home is working well and that there are no issues with your plumbing.